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Year in Review

Reflecting on 2022 and Preview of 2023


As we welcome the Lunar New Year, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on AAAYA’s impact on our community and recap some of the significant milestones that AAAYA achieved in 2022.

Our Year in Numbers:


Significant Achievements This Year:

Website Refresh

AAAYA completed a long overdue overhaul of its website. This ten month effort refreshing our website has been met with positive feedback from our community. Check out our new website if you haven’t already!


New Logo

The board commissioned a new logo for the organization to establish a modern visual identity and better align with Yale’s brand identity. Board Member Tao Leigh Goffe’s (PhD GSAS’15) thoughtful essay on the design process and symbolism of the logo can be read here. Be on the lookout for logo merch in 2023!


Return to In-Person Events

For the first time since the pandemic started, AAAYA returned to organizing in-person events. This was a much awaited and needed return to normalcy for our community. Among other events, the Northern California chapter returned to hosting its annual pre-frosh summer welcome picnic, Washington DC members connected over Asian foods in monthly socials, and New York organized several curator-led exhibit visits to “Photographic Justice: Tribute to Corky Lee". Check out previous and upcoming events and photos for your local chapter here.

Left to right: Prefrosh at annual NorCal Summer Picnic; Alums enjoying Pho at DC Sunday Social; Students and alumni at the AACC during Yale Assembly


Looking Forward to 2023

2023 will be another big year for AAAYA. We have been energized by the community’s response to our return to in-person events and the investments we made in the organization last year. Our leadership is building on this momentum to find new ways to connect and support the AAAYA community.