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Welcome AAAYA-DC Yale Externs!

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

This March 2023, we will be welcoming three externs to Washington DC - Cynthia Lin, Julia Lin and Jenny Liu.

The Association of Asian American Yale Alumni DC Chapter (AAAYA-DC) is offering its first externship to examine Asian American identity in Washington DC’s unique public, professional, and political space.

Externs will be mentored by AAAYA-DC Chapter’s Co-Chairs, Rita and Maria, and guided on a journey to explore the representation of Asian Americans and reflect meaningfully on that experience, as well as provide feedback and recommendations for future programming. They will have discussions with non-profit leaders working on Asian American issues, local and national policymakers engaged in Asian American affairs, and Yale alumni who weave diversity, equity, and inclusion into their everyday professional lives.

Julia Lin, Yale 2026
Jenny Liu, Yale 2026

Cynthia Lin, Yale 2025

We welcome Julia, Cynthia, and Jenny on their experience with the externship and exploration of Asian American identity.

Join the AAAYA-DC Second Social on March 12th to greet our 2023 Yale externs.

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