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Making Filipino Parols with AAAYA-DC

In preparing for the event, I learned there are a lot of different ways to make a Filipino parol. The word 'parol,' derived from the Spanish word for lantern, implies some sort of light source to let it shine brightly during the holiday season. Beyond that, every family has found their own way of adapting the beloved tradition to the time and material constraints at hand.

For instance, working with limited materials and want something easy? Try this paper paról that uses a clever cutting and folding technique. Want something a little more ambitious? You can create a star using bamboo and tissue paper, which harkens back to the design popularly credited to Francisco Estanislao, a Pampanga craftsman working in the early 1900s.

We had just the right party size to try the bamboo version this past Saturday at Arlington Central Library with some slight modifications. Fully decorating all the sides can take 3-4 hours, but we had a great time constructing the frames from scratch. A couple folks even tried innovating new and creative ways to decorate the bamboo! It was a wonderful way to wrap up the year together.

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