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AAAYA New York Event Recap – Asia Society’s ADB Chief Economist

This morning, AAAYA members attended a special event with Chief Economist, Dr. Shang-Jin Wei, of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) at

Asia Society in New York City.

The special briefing from Dr. Wei follows the March release of ADB’s flagship economic publication: Asian Development Outlook 2016 (ADO). The ADO is published annually and provides a comprehensive analysis of issues developing in Asia, including growth projections by country and region.

At the event, Dr. Wei addressed the impact of China’s slowdown on the region, the factors underlying Asia’s overall decline in growth, and approaches to boosting future growth potential. Following the briefing, there was a discussion with moderator Rana Foroohar, assistant managing editor and economics columnist at TIME Magazine, Global Economic Analyst at CNN, member of Council on Foreign Relations, and author of Makers and Takers: The Rise of Finance and the Fall of American Business.

Pictured above are AAAYA members in attendance: Szekin Wong (SOCY ’95), Elite Chak (TD ’97), Han Yik (DC ’97), and Marjorie Tsang (TD ’81). A very special thank you to Yoshie Ito (EAST ’06), who kindly provided tickets!

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