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1vyG Conference@Yale, February 24-26 2017

Dear Yale Alumni, Families, and Friends, As alumni, we are honored to support the Yale College student leadership team hosting 1vyG Conference@Yale, February 24-26 2017 (

The 1vyG Conference is an organization that strengthens and empowers the first generation college student network by convening communities of students and administrators, sharing and building best practices of support, and advocating for change.

Specifically, we are looking to invite undergraduate alumni from: Amherst, Columbia/Barnard, Brown, Cornell, Dartmouth, Duke, Georgetown, Haverford, Harvard, Lehigh, MIT, Pomona, Princeton, Stanford, Swarthmore, Tufts, University of Pennsylvania, and Yale…

….in these career fields: computer science, education, engineering, entertainment, consulting, finance, journalism, law & social justice, media, medicine & public health, sciences, and public service…

…to attend the inaugural 1vyG Conference All-Schools’ Students & Alumni Networking Lunch on Saturday, February 25th at Yale.

Initiated in March 2016, 1stGenYale, an alumni-led AYA Shared Interest/Identity Group (SIG), is a community within a community of Yale alumni who are first generation, among the first in their families to attend college or graduate school, share similar life experiences, or just want to make a difference and give back to the Yale community.

Supporting the 2017 1vyG Conference at Yale is a wonderful opportunity to connect 1st generation alumni from Yale and supporting schools to all students and to each other at the February conference.

If you are an undergraduate alum from one of the sending schools, know someone who is, and are interested in attending, kindly email, and we will send you an invitation! We’d love you to join us and connect with the 1vyG undergraduate students and fellow alumni!

Thanks again for all your support!

1stGenYale Team Co-Chairs Lise P. Chapman ’81 MBA Magda T. Vergara ’82 Facebook 1stGenYale Twitter @1stGenYale Instagram 1stGenYale



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