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Summer Moon! A Day in the Country – July 18, 2009

Video courtesy of Azan Kung

Saturday, July 18th, dawned clear and sunny for our Summer Moon fundraising event.  Thanks to Kunduck Moon (Yale ’76) and his wife Min-Hye, the party was held at their beautiful home in Greenwich, Connecticut.  We enjoyed the greenest lawn you’ve ever seen, swimming pool, kiddie pool and rowing pond, with a Japanese style bridge!  The food was delicious, mostly eaten with the fingers, on tables set up under the shady trees.  Korean spare ribs, beef and chicken wings, all barbequed by Kunduck, was accompanied by a Sweet Bell Pepper Medley, a grain salad and ice cold beer or wine (See the recipes!) .   And don’t forget the ice cream cake!  The added celebration of Christina’s birthday, Kunduck’s and Min-Hye’s daughter, made the day extra special.

The toddlers were kept busy in the kiddie pool and the older kids swam with fearless abandon in the “adult” pool.  Parents plunged in to play Marco Polo and other games or sat on the edge to paddle their feet in the cool water.  Badminton, anyone? (see the video!)

Photos courtesy of May Chin and Azan Kung:

Thanks to all of our supporters, we exceeded our goal!!  We fully funded our 2009 summer interns and have a great start for 2010!  Thank you so much to all those who attended and all those who could not.  We appreciate your generosity and hope to see you at another AAAYA event!

Have a great summer!



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