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Spring Break Externship Sponsors Needed!

Every year, AAAYA and the Asian American Cultural Center (AACC) organize a Spring Break Externship program, where students complete week-long externships during one week of their spring breaks. These externships are sponsored by a variety of Yale alumni who work in fields from medicine to finance to non-profit to law, and are extremely beneficial for students. All housing, transportation, and any other costs associated with the externship are expected to be covered by the student, and there is an application process whereby sponsors can select which students they would like to serve as externs. This year, the externships will occur between March 14-18, and we still need sponsors!

We are looking for sponsors in all professional fields in all geographical locations. We have an extra special need for sponsors in Boston, Washington DC, Chicago, New York City, and New Haven, and in the fields of Law, Consulting, Medicine, and Nonprofit. If you are interested in sponsoring a student, please complete this form and send to Thank you for your support!

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