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SoCal AAAYA Yale Day of Service | Budokan Center

It was a perfectly sunny day for the 4th annual YDoS Budokan BBQ Sports Clinic in Little Tokyo.  Yalies are a can-do group, we rolled up our sleeves and dug in. First up was the Tri-tip BBQ, thankfully a few of the Carnivores were more than happy to assemble the delectable Hero Sandwiches; sweltering heat from the massive custom made grill didn’t break a Yalie sweat.  Next we had a crash course in all things Budokan, quick learners – a duo formed the Info Booth. All throughout the day, our very own Yalie Magician entertained volunteers with slight-of-hand rope, card, and red ball tricks – good times Yo!  A Jeremy Lin autographed Basketball was part of the prize loot which gave our T-Shirt and Raffle table extra enthusiasm in their sales pitch.  Last, but not least was our 2 future Yalies, 6 year old cuties who had enormous fun with the balloons, face painting, basketball clinic, and karate demo.  Great day, rewarding event. A big Thank You to all the participants.



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