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(Recording) College Admissions Coach Chat

Updated: Apr 13

In the third event from our Affirmative Action series, Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and Stanford undergrad alumnus, Anthony Berryhill, shared his experiences as a college application coach.

Anthony shared insights from coaching AAPI applicant, discussing the challenges he perceives for AAPI students in the admissions process, and provided his outlooks on the potential impact of the SCOTUS ruling last year on AAPI applicants. 

Anthony is the owner of Elite College Hacker, an education consultancy that helps students win admission to America’s most competitive undergrad, MBA, MD, STEM Masters, and PhD programs. He has 20 years of experience as an college admissions consultant, specializing in helping STEM students and students of Asian/Asian-American descent with their college applications. Anthony started Elite College Hacker at the request of his former high school speech and debate students, including three national debate champion teams (2022, 2021, 2007).

Anthony is a former resident of New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward, a FGLI (First Generation Low Income) student who learned how to apply advanced debate skills to the admissions process. While a PhD student, Yale Anthony worked as an educational consultant and fellow for the Yale Teaching Center, Graduate Career Services Center, Brady-Johnson Grand Strategy Program, and Yale Medical School. Prior to running Elite College Hacker full time, Anthony was the Vice President of Learning and Program Management for PIMCO, a top asset management firm. He also spent 8 years at GLG, an expert network firm, serving as a Learning and Development Manager. 

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