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Racial Contagion, Racial Enclosure: Yellow Peril and Black Life

Our second virtual event in the AACC x AAAYA series will feature a virtual fireside chat with Professor Tao Leigh Goffe (GSAS ’15) moderated by alumnus Austin Baik (SY ’11). The discussion will be touching on the history of Yellow Peril and anti-Asian racism as regards public health and hygiene across the hemisphere from the nineteenth-century to present, tracing the precedent for the antagonism being projected on Asian and Asian diasporic communities in the contemporary moment. Exploring Black and Asian commercial intimacies from the LA Uprisings of 1992 to the present, Dr. Goffe will map the enmeshed narratives of Afro-Asian solidarity and tension. She will explore how the contagion of the so-called "Chinese virus" produced the conditions for the United States to recognize the urgency of the Black Lives Matter movement.

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