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NYC – “Life After Yale: Careers – A Candid View” Recap

Our new series, Careers – A Candid View, got off to a flying start in March and April.  Conceived, developed and moderated by Peter Young ’74, President and Managing Director of Young & Partners LLC, the series strives to give a frank and unvarnished view of professions that are of the most interest to Yale students and alumni.  There were 3 venues for participants: a conference room at Kaye Scholer (a law firm in New York City), William Harkness Hall on the Yale Campus and a live webcast.  With over 100 registrants for each panel, we were able to reach a broad audience.  Students at Yale participated, both undergraduate and graduate, and alumni, both recent grads and those not so recent.

We sincerely thank our distinguished panelists, who volunteered their time and thoughts (and business cards!) for our sessions:  our March panelists, the lawyers, Alice Young ’72, Partner and Asia-Pacific Chair at Kaye Scholer LLP, Bijan Amini, partner and co-founder of Storch Amini Munves, P.C., and Sandra Leung, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company; and our April panelists, the investment bankers, Peter Young, moderator and panelist, Kelly Cheng ‘00, Vice President, Liability Management, Barclays Capital, and Thomas Shortall ‘72, Managing Director, Wealth Management, Jefferies & Company, Inc.

Special thanks to Alice Young for the use of the webinar-enhanced conference room at Kaye Scholer, which not only came equipped with tech personnel but also coffee, tea and soda!  Thank you goes to Sohini Bandi ’13 and Cathy Huang ’14 and Dean Saveena Dhall for organizing the use of William Harkness Hall and for spreading the word.  Thanks also to Undergraduate Career Services, Yale Alumni Association of New York, and the Association of Yale Alumni.

Our Fall line-up includes the medical, consulting and entrepreneurial professions.  Stay tuned for dates and times!


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