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NACC gets its own home at Yale, AACC to solely occupy 295 Crown St

Saveena Dhall, Director of Yale’s Asian American Cultural Center, shares news of the Native American Cultural Center (NACC)’s upcoming move and AACC’s future in its current home, 295 Crown Street:

Dear alumni,

As the AACC celebrates its 30th anniversary, there is some great news to share about our neighbors at the NACC.  Soon, the NACC will soon move into its own center, a new space located on 26 High Street (around the corner from us)!  This is a great move for the growing Native American population at Yale as they need their own center and a space to call home that is apart from the current space they share with us at 295 Crown Street.  We all are thrilled for the Native American community and congratulate them on this new chapter of their history at Yale.  As you all know, our center is too small, even as a stand-alone center for the large Asian American population (in fact, the largest group of color on campus).  It has been a shared center for many decades (first, with the Chicano students and then, with Native American students).  Having multiple communities in the same center has not been easy for our communities and staffs.  As we look ahead, having our own space is an exciting place to be for the Asian American students and alumni populations.  It’s also an opportunity to re-imagine what we want our space to look like and how can alumni play a role in shaping our physical space as well as how we may make improvements to our facility.  If anyone has suggestions, please email me directly at  Again, our congratulations and best wishes to our friends at the NACC! Best wishes, Dean Dhall


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