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Chicago Event Recap: Art Institute of Chicago Lecture on Shomei Tomatsu’s Photography


On September 21, 2013, AAAYA Chicago and friends enjoyed lunch at Wow Bao and attended a talk by Yasufumi Nakamori, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, who reviewed the work of Japanese photographer Shomei Tomatsu in conjunction with the exhibition Shomei Tomatsu: Island Life.  The Art Institute’s Photography Department chair and exhibit curator is also a Yale alum, so he along with the guest speaker met up with us briefly as well.  After the lecture we walked through the Shomei Tomatsu: Island Life exhibit, Zarina: Paper Like SkinImpressionism, Fashion, and Modernity, and Beyond the Great Wave: Hokusai’s Images of Mount Fuji.

Thanks to everyone who came out!

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