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Call for Nominations: AAAYA Distinguished Service Award

The AAAYA Distinguished Service Award is presented to recognize outstanding service to the Asian/Asian American and Yale communities. The award acknowledges excellence in leadership supporting Asian/Asian American awareness, and honors the contributions rendered by an individual related to the Yale community.

Nominees must possess a relationship to Yale (alumnus/a, current employee, emeritus employee, etc.) and demonstrate at least some of the following criteria:

  1. Significant ongoing contributions to the Asian/Asian American communities in the United States

  2. Significant ongoing contributions to the Asian/Asian American communities at Yale University

  3. Significant contributions to furthering knowledge/scholarship about the Asian/Asian American diaspora worldwide

  4. Values congruent with the AAAYA, AYA, and Yale — including service, scholarship, and leadership

  5. Behavior that is a model for future generations of Yale alumni

  6. Efforts to instill broad public value for diversity of cultural understanding

Process and Timing

The award for 2014 will be presented at the Yale Asian Alumni Reunion (April 11-13, 2014). The deadline for the submission of nominations is February 17, 2014.

To nominate yourself or someone you know, please submit the following information to

  1. Your Information:

  2. Your Name

  3. Degree & Year

  4. Your e-mail

  5. Your phone

  6. Nominee Information:

  7. Nominee Name (if different)

  8. Degree & Year or Yale Affiliation (position & rank, etc.)

  9. E-Mail

  10. Phone

  11. Address

  12. A statement of nomination that addresses the six criteria listed above – statement should not be longer than 500 words.

Before making a nomination, please ensure that the person nominated is willing to accept the award, if chosen, at the Alumni Reunion on April 11-13, 2014.

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