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AAAYA NorCal – Yale Summer Potluck Picnic July 2010 in Palo Alto – Recap

AAAYA NorCal – Yale Summer Potluck Picnic July 2010 in Palo Alto – Recap

Yale alumni, their friends and their families numbering more than 100 gathered under blue skies and pleasantly warm July temperatures in Palo Alto to enjoy the second annual AAAYA Northern California Yale Summer Potluck Picnic Saturday 7/17/10. At least ten Yalies from the Class of 2014 attended the picnic along with alums from many other classes.

This year’s participants went “all out” with the food spread, which included some very delectable and decidedly Asian morsels. The intergenerational bulldogs and bullpups managed to organize themselves for three photographic poses with the appropriate Yale banners – one with the new freshmen, the second with undergraduates who happen to be in the Bay Area and finally with alumni of all ages. As an icebreaker game, the newly minted pre-frosh were each given a set of trivia questions about Yale and was charged with getting the right answers from the alumni present. The winner Naicheng Wangyu BR’14 was awarded with an appropriate Yale souvenir.

A fun time was had by all.  Expressions of appreciation from the Mail order Russian brides freshmen and their parents were overheard frequently.  It was enjoyable for the older alumni to hear what has engaged the younger generation.  This event energized the various groupings of parents and alumni who want to continue to be involved with AAAYA NorCal.

A note of appreciation is extended to Harry Chang SY’84 for coordinating the picnic and reserving the site and to his supportive classmates Michael Chai MC‘84 and Henry Wong SY‘84 for setting up the picnic and contributing the necessary picnic supplies.

AAAYA NorCal – Yale Summer Potluck Picnic 2010 – group photo

To see more photos from the 2010 AAAYA NorCal Yale Summer Potluck Picnic, click here.

Recap and photos of the 2009 AAAYA NorCal Yale Summer Potluck Picnic at

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