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AAAYA NorCal – Yale Summer Potluck Picnic July 2009 at Mitchell Park in Palo Alto – Reca

The weather could not be better for the Annual AAAYA NorCal Summer Picnic on Sunday 7/12/09 at Mitchell Park in Palo Alto, CA — sunny and not too warm.  With a pre-registration of some 82 people, the Picnic committee had to increase their purchases of food and beverages substantially.  A round of thanks to Cindy Hwang ’98 and Neill Tseng ’96 who co-chaired the event, organizing it and supplying the main food courses, hot dogs, hamburgers, veggie burgers, condiments and lunchware.  Cindy also took charge of the bbq pits with authority.  Similarly, we are grateful to Wayne Lew ’72 who brought the beverages and rounded up the class of 2013 and to Harry Chang ’84 for arranging and paying for the use of Mitchell Park in Palo Alto, a perfect setting for this annual potluck.

Ten of the 23 Asian American freshmen from Northern California made it to the picnic:  Christina Lee (San Jose), Cynthia Tsay (Sacramento), Linda Wang (Cupertino), Faisal Hamid (Millbrae) , Austin Lan (Sunnyvale ), Roy Lee (San Francisco) , Annie Yi (San Jose), Meghan Uno (Walnut Creek), Forence Loi (San Jose) and Sejal Hathi (Fremont).  Two other incoming freshmen, Xiyi Xie (San Ramon) and Natalee Pei (Los Altos) were unable to attend, but were represented by one or both parents.

AAAYA NorCal Summer Picnic 2009 – Class of 2013 (L – R): Christina Lee (San Jose), Cynthia Tsay (Sacramento), Linda Wang (Cupertino), Faisal Hamid (Millbrae), Austin Lan (Sunnyvale), Roy Lee (San Francisco), Annie Yi (San Jose), Meghan Uno (Walnut Creek) and Forence Loi (San Jose)

To see more photos, click here.

The gathering, which included alumni from the 60’s to current undergraduates, as well as parents of Yalies, were able to feast on an assortment of potluck dishes, as well as the main items emerging from the barbecue pit.  Bob Asadorian ’68 (President of the Yale of Club of Silicon Valley) brought shortbread cookies with their signature blue “Y”.  These cookies were a favorite for everyone, including a few young children and a local squirrel.

As President of AAAYA NorCal, Harry Chang welcomed everyone and introduced the freshmen.  He also challenged the freshmen to a game of volleyball, but as it turned out, very few alumni took up the cause.  Two teams of mostly freshman did play, but the score has remained a well kept secret.

Harry also announced upcoming AAAYA NorCal programs including a [docent guided tour at an art gallery], a pre-frosh lunch in San Francisco set for August 9th before the new Yalies head off to New Haven, and Yellow Face play at TheatreWorks in Palo Alto on September 10.  Julie Wong ’86, who is chairing the theatrical event, further noted that the event would have the added attraction that the playwright David Henry Hawng will discuss the play after the performance.  She advised everyone that tickets will be limited and sold on a first come basis.

The event continued well past 5th hour, when the last group of Yalies tidied the area.  A great time was had by all.  Overheard frequently were expressions of appreciation from the freshmen and their parents. Even for the older alumni, it was enjoyable to hear what has engaged the younger generation. It goes without saying that various groupings medicineconvention of parents and alumni have been energized from the event and want to continue to be involved with the group.


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