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AAAYA NorCal – Yale Summer Happy Hour 2009 in San Francisco – Recap

AAAYA NorCal – Yale Summer Happy Hour 2009 at Roe Restaurant in San Francisco was fairly well-attended, with about 30 people total.  There was a strong ’09 contingent with about 5 recent graduates who seemed enthusiastic about the alumni community.  There was also a good cross-section of other classes including a couple folks were from the ’96-’00 range, a couple more folks from the ’00-’04 range, and some older students who had a Yale graduate degree.  It was good to see everyone.  People trickled in throughout the evening, and folks mingled well.  We told everyone about the summer potluck picnic and there was definite interest in the curator-led art tour.  I know that I had a great time meeting different folks.

Keep your calendars open for more great events coming up soon, including:

*   AAAYA NorCal – Yale Summer Picnic 2009 in Palo Alto ineedbride (July 12th)

*  AAAYA NorCal – Curator Led Asian Art Exhibit Tour and Discussion Summer 2009 (Present Tense Biennial: Chinese Character art installation – perspectives on contemporary Chinese culture at Chinese Culture Center in San Francisco – late August)

*  AAAYA NorCal – Yale Fall Happy Hour 2009 (fall).

Thanks to all that attended and especially to the AAAYA NorCal Yale Summer Happy Hour 2009 Chairs (Cindy Hwang & Neill Tseng) for leading this event and Cindy Hwang for the recap. secure server . perkspot bnsf .

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